L.A. Meekly: A Los Angeles History Podcast
L.A. Meekly is a monthly comedy podcast about Los Angeles history put out by comedians Greg Gonzalez and Daniel Zafran that battles the idea that LA has no history by delving in the weird, unbelievable and, occasionally, haunted details from the past of their native city.

In honor of Pride month we are digging deep into a handful of LGBTQ trailblazers from right here in town. We've got the legendary Mattachine Society (14:43), the complicated Virginia Prince (45:32), the valiant Morris Kight and the Gay Liberation Front (1:20:09) and the unstoppable Troy Perry and the Metropolitan Community Church(1:35:21). This episode brought to you by Smile Brilliant. Use promo code LAMEEKLY to get 30% off today.

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